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Designer collections take time. This is something I’ve been telling myself since I really got interested in luxury designer brands. Now more than ever it is easier to give in to every designer trend that comes along. When our Instagram feed is full of the fashion set wearing all the latest designer pieces, it is easy to feel both tempted and overwhelmed. In reality, many of the people we see are compensated to wear designer pieces to increase brand awareness/demand, while others may have more discretionary income than the average person. Whatever their story is, there are also people like me who admittedly get enamored with certain buzzy trends–Looking at you Bottega Venetta pouch– but realize that dropping thousands of dollars on an item that may or may not be “in” in a few years is a misstep we cannot afford to make. If you are interested in purchasing designer items I think it is important to be very strategic and curate a thoughtful collection that feels timeless. Focusing on pieces you can wear now and hopefully; for years to come. This can be difficult to navigate for sure, but your best bet is to go with items that have been around for a while or that are very subtle in design. This is my personal wish list of designer pieces, most of which I have been eyeing for years. Because of how long these items have been around coupled with their understated designs, I feel confident that if I were to purchase, these are items I am sure to love for years to come. 

Burberry Wool Tan Coat

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals

Jimmy Choo Romy 

Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Slingbacks 

Hermès Oran 

Brother Vellies Nude Pump in Frida

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour