Fall/Winter Series: Boots

Fall/Winter is hands down the best season for Fashion. This is not an opinion, it is an indisputable fact, it is so great in fact that I cannot do all the trends justice in one post! Okay, this is an opinion and I am clearly partial to the Fall season, but I know many of you agree with me so with that, I’d like to introduce you to the Fall/Winter series where I will rhapsodize about all things cozy, warm and wonderful. First up; Boots. Shoes are my favorite so naturally, we will start here. There are many trends out right now and Boots are having a moment. From super chunky soles, to over the knee sexiness read ahead for some of the trends to keep an eye on this season.

Chunky Soles

I remember in middle school (or junior high depending on your region) when everyone had to have a pair of particularly chunky boots called Lugz. I know many of you my age just laughed recalling those extra heavy shoes we all clunked around in. My parents thought I was absolutely ridiculous for wanting such an exaggerated shoe but I insisted, and here we are a couple decades later and all the fashion girls have been spotted stomping around in a pair of chunky-soled boots. Bottega (shocker I know), probably has one of the most recognizable pair this season. Not to be outdone, the Prada Monolith boot an entity all on its own, released a more approachable ankle version of their iconic boot (currently sold out as of 10/10 but sure to come back in stock). If these are just a bit too trendy, and you are having flashbacks of dragging your feet around, there are some more subdued versions like this pair from Ganni & this one from Stuart Weitzman.

OTK Boots

Less of a trend and more of a fall staple are classic over the knee boots. Stuart Weitzman will always own this lane with the highland, but if you are looking for something a bit different I’d suggest a brand called Paris Texas, they have a variety of ankle, knee-high & over the knee boots in all colors, heel shapes, and textures, this pair is perfect for the fall/winter season.

Take a look around your closet first and see if you already have something that fit these boot trends, if not there is no shortage of places to find pieces similar to the pairs linked above. Up next in the fall/winter series; sweaters & outerwear. Happy Fall Everyone!