Spring & Summer Series: Shoes

Before diving into today’s post I wanted to take a moment to recognize what is still being felt today in our country; the widespread effects of systemic racism. Between the George Floyd Trial, and the murders of Daunte Wright & Adam Toledo at the hands of police, these last few weeks have served as a reminder that the outrage, protests, and calls for changes that were commonplace last summer have fallen on deaf ears where it matters most. I realize this is a fashion blog and people may come here for an escape from reality, however, It would be disingenuous to not speak on these tragedies when they hit so close to home. It is not, nor should it be viewed as a political statement to say, Black Lives Matter, it is simply a fact. A fact worth reminding people about as it is a fact that is far too often ignored. Similar to my post last year I implore anyone reading this to do their research and do what they see fit to help make sure this simple fact will not continue to be ignored. 

Spring is in the air so it is time for a wardrobe refresh. With so many items to discuss, I wanted to break this down into a series, and first up is my favorite accessory of them all; Shoes! Now, if you’ve seen my previous series for the Fall/Winter(if not check them out here & here)you will know that while I love shopping just as much as the next person, I want these lists to serve as inspiration for you to shop your closet FIRST before splurging on items you may already have and forgotten about. Of course, if you just need to spruce up your basics or are on the hunt for some fun seasonal pieces then keep reading and be on the lookout for follow-up posts in the coming weeks!

When possible I have listed some alternatives (anyone else hate the word dupe?) but honestly, I get so annoyed when I look for alternatives to some designer items and people show things that aren’t even close. I have only included alternatives that are truly close in look or style and if there is no alternative listed it’s because I haven’t found anything close enough that is worth recommending.

Slides & Slippers: Slides & Slippers are definitely having a moment this spring. With so much time spent at home, it is understandable that we want to invest in good “house shoes” that will still be chic and stylish when we step outside. While there are countless options out there to get in on this look nothing says Spring/Summer quite like anything from Emilio Pucci. While this is a more expensive brand, these Lily slides & these Slippers are actually on the lower end of the price spectrum. And while neither of these is exactly cheap, compared to what’s out there in the world of designer slides/slippers this is a semi attainable way to get a pair of designer shoes that will look beautiful season after season.

Old school classics: They’re timeless, they’re comfortable, you likely already own a pair, (or something similar). I am talking about the affordable, go-with everything sneaker. You can’t go wrong with all white especially for Spring/Summer, think Stan Smith or Superga sneakers, but if you are more of an all-black-everything kinda person; You are in good company 🙂Old Skool vans, or black Chuck Taylors are just as relaxed and fitting for this vibe.

Square Toe Vibes: You knew it was coming and yet I know you are rolling your eyes at yet another mention of Bottega, on yet another blog, Instagram post/story/reel, etc. but the fact is Bottega is just not to be ignored right now. I do think some of their shoes are just way too trendy to ever last or just too “fashion” to be practical but I find the flat padded sandal & these stretch raffia sandals are the perfect balance of trendy yet practical. I can see myself wearing this style for seasons to come and even after the square toe trend has died down these are still cute sandals that will go with so many things. There are so many affordable alternatives out there that are very similar, and those that give a subtle nod to the square toe trend like this pared-down version. The idea is that you can get really close to this look without getting close to the high price tag.

Note: The Bottega Veneta Lido sandal has the much more exaggerated signature Bottega Intrecciato weave whereas the padded sandal is a downplayed version of this design. Some sites call all of these sandals the Lido so I wanted to point it out in case you were interested in the exact pair I mentioned above.

Happy Spring Everyone!