Spring & Summer Series: Sunglasses

There is arguably no accessory more important than sunglasses in the Spring & Summer months. Of course, sunglasses are a year-round staple but this is the time to be more expressive with your sunnies. Whether you are looking for bold colors or shapes, or just want to keep it classically chic, read ahead for some of my sunglasses recommendations.

Cat-Eye: Although I am not a fan of the super tiny cat-eye frames (I find they are just a bit too small to suit my face), there’s no denying that they are trending at the moment. I find these to be a bit more approachable for a wider range of people but if you want to go full-on with this look you can’t go wrong with these or these.

Aviator: A classic aviator will never go out of style. They may fall out of favor for something more of the moment, still, having a good pair of aviators in your collection is a safe bet no matter the season or year. These from Quay are a great mid-price option. I have them in black along with other glasses from Quay, and after 3+ years they are all still holding up, so I can honestly say they are worth the investment. Bonus: Quay always seems to have BOGO sales (Which is when I got mine) so definitely be on the lookout for that.

Unique shades: There is really no other way to categorize this group of sunglasses, they are the attention-grabbing, *“Where did you get those?” sunnies that I bet everyone has at least one pair of. Definitely not your every day but that is the point! Since these shades aren’t likely to get as much wear, it would be wise to spend less on them. Although, I have to admit I have been eyeing these especially loud Gucci sunglasses for years (also, this pair from Dior has recently caught my eye) so I might just ignore my own advice and splurge on them one day, but I am still holding out hope for an improbable 90% off sale.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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