The Ones That Got Away…

You may have noticed a recent trend on YouTube amongst the fashion set; Dedicated videos discussing items; mostly in the luxury, once sold out it’s gone forever; space. Some of them focus on missing out and later being happy they never splurged in the first place (No regrets here) and there are others that wax poetic (humorously of course), about the items they still love but that managed to sell out before they ever had a chance to purchase. The list ahead is an ode to the latter. To be fair some of these items are still available on the resale market but as is often the case, the prices are often astronomically higher than the original sale price, so for the sake of this list, they may as well be gone forever. Enjoy!

Women’s Air Jordan 4 x Off-White™️: I remember thinking when these came out that they were cute, but not enough to go out of my way to get them because I couldn’t immediately see how much wear I would get out of them (I’m partial to the Jordan 1s over all others by the way). They released and sold out almost as quickly, and of course, my Instagram feed was flooded with girls styling them in so many cute ways; cue the regret. I did manage to get my hands on the next Off-White/Jordan collab by way of the Air Jordan 5 x Off-White™️ but I still wish I had these in my collection.
Anine Bing Graphic Tee: I am a sucker for graphic tees, I always have been, ever since the days of Old Navy, American Eagle & the like. I only discovered Anine Bing and her cool graphic tees a few years ago when I kept seeing the tiger motif shirts everywhere. I thought all of these shirts were part of the permanent collection; this was before I understood that some of these shirts were limited edition. Unfortunately, this shirt was one of those limited editions and I missed out. I see it on resale sites every now and then but never in my size of course. I suggest if you really like something check to see if its part of a limited edition collection, and if you love it enough get your hands on it before its gone forever, which is what I did with this sweatshirt that still gives me the signature tiger motif I was looking for. Pro tip: I managed to get 15% off using Karma (formerly known as Shoptagr) so I recommend giving that a try when shopping for expensive items like this. (Not sponsored I just love this app/browser extension).
Saint Laurent Baby Color Block Sac De Jour: This is an interesting one because honestly when this bag was released I couldn’t buy it despite how much I wanted it because it was WAY out of my budget. So this one got away simply because you know, Saint Laurent, unfortunately isn’t accepting a deep appreciation for their handbags as a form of payment. But how beautiful is this bag? I already love the Sac De Jour but this color-way is everything I could want. I’ve always been obsessed with black & white color blocking, and how fitting would it be to break this out right now during Cruella season? (yes, it is officially Cruella season). But alas, I couldn’t get it and they no longer even make this exact bag (cue the tiny violin).
Amina Muadi Begum: I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t love at first sight for me when it came to the Amina Muadi craze. I thought they were crazy expensive for what they were, the flared heel was too out there, and all the clear versions gave me flashbacks to the condensation that plagued my Jellies in the 90s. It wasn’t until I came across this pair on Pinterest that I thought okay I get it now and these are actually really cute. Turns out I’d rather wear something that resembles a couch cover on my feet instead of a glass slipper; go figure. Either way this color-way is long gone, and with it, my one shot at the Amina Muadi trend.

How about you, what has gotten away from you in the fashion world? I’m not sure how to “tag” other bloggers the way they do on YouTube, or if tags are even applicable in the blogging world, but I would love to know from other fashion/beauty bloggers what pieces you wished you purchased when you had the chance, or what pieces you are super glad you missed out on as you discovered you no longer love them. Let me know!