As a young girl, I always wanted to create a magazine. I would buy any fashion magazine I could get my hands on, even collecting department store catalogs that came in the mail all while creating homemade mini magazines to emulate my favorite publications. Somewhere along the line, however, I got older, and decided to give away my magazine collection to a friend of mine, and although I’m sure this made my parents happy not having to trip over stacks of magazines constantly, in giving away the magazines I unknowingly gave up on my dream too. Although we are a long way from the heyday of physical magazines I intend to use this space to finally create the magazine of my dreams. Here I’ll share the latest fashion, beauty, and wellness trends along with shopping suggestions. This site is dedicated to that little girl and her towering stacks magazines. I hope you enjoy my dream come to life and that it inspires you to follow through on some forgotten dreams of your own!